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Ice-Cream Cakes

Ice cream


Turn any one of your favourite Paul’s Homemade
Ice Cream flavours into a gourmet ice-cream cake!

The product of fearless invention and ceaseless innovation, our Ice-Cream Cakes are the delicious pride and joy of Paul’s Homemade Ice-Cream. Invented by one of our brilliant staff members, our ice-cream cakes are made out of pure, natural ice-cream, shaped to majestic perfection, and decorated with a variety of delectable toppings.

These incredible ice-cream cakes are fast becoming an irresistible local delicacy. The cakes are made for orders exclusively as we need 2-3 working days to produce the highest level of ice-cream excellence. The natural, wholesome ingredients we use take considerable time and immense patience to caress them into scrumptious submission. All ice-cream cakes are kept in a carefully monitored freezer and are taken out only moments before the event to maintain the ideal standard of freshness. Available in two sizes: small (10 people) and large (20 people); with the additional option of adding multiple tiers to your ice-cream cake in order to increase overall volume of ice-cream decadence for your consumption.

Please remember all ice-cream cakes need to live in your freezer once you’re home. Before serving you can place the cake in a fridge to soften – use your discretion depending on the weather.

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