Employee Danz: Actions and their consequences – but in a good way

Employee Danz: Actions and their consequences – but in a good way

Actions and their consequences – but in a good way ☺

The opening of our store at the Zone in Rosebank has taught us more than we ever expected.

When it comes to building a brand, it seems reaching targets and achieving goals mostly opens doors for higher expectations that need to be fulfilled. It was no surprise that the launch of the store brought in a new phan base, and created new momentum in places where there was none. That’s all fun and great, but our workload has undoubtedly doubled. Although we couldn’t be more thrilled, we quickly came to find that we had to play catch up with ourselves. And so that is what we are doing!

We have brought, and continue to bring, more employees on board. It has been such a pleasure welcoming these enthusiastic, young and creative minds to the PHIC PHAM. The energy at our HQ is buzzing at all times! Every single member brings freshness and ideas to the party.

Once upon a time (not so long ago) PHIC was a business functioning without any defined roles. Having enough members in the company to make that change has been rather evolutionary. When a large part of your business consists of distribution, it is ESSENTIAL to have someone who is focused solely on that aspect. Enter our operation’s manager – game changer!!

Another great lesson? Relationships. Myself and Julie (who has been promoted from a simple colleague to my left hip) spend a lot of time on the road these days. It is so important to go and visit the places where your ice cream sells. We now have new insight into who is actually enjoying our brand, product and culture.

I guess the lesson here is that its not just about the ice cream, its about the passion too.