Employee Danz

Employee Danz

Being a PHIC employee, I get to watch things happen from the inside. Better in than out, I always say. I have had the privilege of watching this company grow from nothing to something that’s really, really somthin’. Do any of you long terms PHIC phans recognize this packaging?

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This splendid journey began when Jozi residents started taking an interest in the delicious ice cream ‘that guy Paul Ballen ‘was making….



But this blog is not about how Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream came into being – that’s not what’s important anymore. I have taken to blogging about this company because I believe a new story is told here everyday. Literally – we could write a book about our staff dynamics, HQ drama, and client relations… It’s all part of growing a business.

2015 was filled with so many exciting and amazing opportunities.



We want this year to be even better, and we would love you to be apart of it.

Thanks for listening

– Employee Danz.