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Scooping Freezer

Scooping Freezer

Pauls Homemade Ice Cream Scooping Freezer

We offer an exclusive PHIC Ice-Cream bar consisting of an exclusively branded scooping freezer and a hand-crafted wooden serving station.

We offer two different scooping freezer options.

Large scooping freezer:

The scooping freezer contains 7 bain-marie’s filled to the brim with the your selection of your favourite ice-cream flavours –– standard, special and customised flavours –– together with the additional enticing options of ice-cream sandwiches, ice-cream sundaes and our unique handmade ice-cream cones.

This option is ideal for serving 300 pax and way up.

Small Freezer:

We offer a similar Ice-Cream Bar set up, with the same hand-crafted wooden serving station, but with a smaller freezer. But don’t worry –– what it lacks in size, it certainly makes up for with irresistible charm.

Ideal for more intimate events, this freezer holds 4 bain-marie’s filled with the ice-cream flavours of your choice. Perfect for serving 100 pax and up.

This option is best optimized as an ice-cream sandwich, with the additional option of extra delicious toppings.

All our cups/cones and freezers can be branded specifically for certain events with either a company logo or a special design. The freezer itself can also be branded with a magnet.

Our highly trained professional PHIC scoopers will be provided to scoop your ice-cream for you.

All we need from you is an electrical outlet.

Leave the rest to us.

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