Feel The Burn

Feel The Burn

Do you even lift Bru? PHIC will make you Feel the Burn in November

It’s summertime, Bru. Do you even lift?

Paul, a guy who likes to work out on the reg, came up with a flavour that will make you Feel the Burn. Combining our white chocolate with red chilli flakes and infused with a hint of ginger this ice-cream is definitely for the adventurous.

We created a similar flavour once before and have since been getting requests to bring it back. Well here you go November, your flavour of the month will cool you down in this summer heat…and give you a little burn afterwards.


  • Available at our stockists across Joburg & Pretoria as well as both our stores (scooped and take-away options – 125ml & 500ml)
  • Turn this flavour into an ice-cream cake
  • Only valid for November
  • Try our sweet homemade waffle taco sundae with scoops of Feel the Burn ice-cream and topped with chilli-infused white chocolate. Limited to #SundaesOnSunday at our Rosebank, The Zone store