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We always wanted to try it – to create an ice-cream that was sugar-free, but still incredibly tasty. An ice-cream that was suitable for the growing community of health-conscious consumers riddled with that insatiable, nostalgic craving for scrumptious, irresistible ice-cream. We didn’t want to create a health ice-cream that was merely “okay” and distinctly “forgettable”. We wanted to create an indelible health ice-cream that was every bit as delicious as our beloved classic flavours. This was Paul’s mission – to create a charming and unforgettable range of health ice-cream. What started out as an audacious experiment soon evolved into a spiritual voyage to discover and harness the magic of healthy ice-cream ingredients. The result of this ambitious venture was a profound explosion of ice-cream delectability. And so, after much perseverance, a little ingenuity and a couple tweaks to our beloved recipes, we are proud to finally introduce our new range of healthy “Banting” ice-cream together with our vegan-friendly Caralishious and Protein ice-creams.