Hot Churned Ice Cream

Hot Churned Ice Cream

Like hot chocolate but different…and better

So you ask yourself, “what’s so special about this Hot Churned Ice Cream”?

Our unique hot ice cream is made with 38% pure and delicious milk chocolate and churned in the traditional ice-cream-making process. It’s thick, decadent and unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. Topped with whipped cream and dusted with coco powder this is the drink for winter.

hot churned ice cream

How it all began…

What started out as Paul playing around in our kitchen resulted in a new product that’s selling out fast. Paul was determined to create an ice cream drink that wasn’t a milkshake and that would be enjoyed by all during the cooler months in Jozi. He tweaked some of our special recipes and adapted the churning process to come up with what you now know as Hot Churned Ice Cream! Paul is still experimenting with new flavours, so look our for a whole range of hot flavoured products.

Our Hot Churned Ice Cream is available exclusively at our stores in Rosebank @The Zone and out newest pop up store in Morningside Shopping Center (for the month of June).

Long live the #HotChurnedIceCream

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