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We’re not ones to discriminate here at Paul’s Homemade Ice-Cream. We believe that the same effort should go into making our health cakes flavours every bit as scrumptiously delicious as our standard cake flavours. And in this regard –– we haven’t failed.

Using healthier alternatives such as xylitol instead of sugar for our sugar-free range –– our Health Ice-Cream cakes are a range of delectable products, entirely unique to Paul’s Homemade Ice-Cream.

Each cake is dressed in an array of healthy toppings such as berries, cocoa powder and coconut that help bring the cake alive. Each cake is a memorable culinary experience of it’s own. Come on guys… Health conscious people are human beings too. Just because they’re weird and abnormal, it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy delicious, decadent ice-cream cakes like everyone else, does it?

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  • Health Choc Vanilla Stack

    Our top deck cake where sugar is replaced with Xylitol and topped with cocoa powder.

  • Health Cocoa

    A sugar-free version of our decadent Milk Chocolate. Made with natural cocoa, cream, milk and egg yolk. Topped with cocoa powder unless other toppings
    are requested.

  • Health Vanilla

    A sugar-free version of our Madagascan Vanilla. Made with Madagascan vanilla paste, cream, milk and egg yolk. Topped with your choice of nuts, coconut or fruit.

Some Cake images supplied by Uber Eats