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Choose Your Design

Choose Your Design

Choose Your Design

Yes. It’s true. We’re giving you the freedom to create your own customized ice-cream cake. Choose your size; choose your colours; choose your flavour combinations and we’ll do the rest –– the only limitation is the circular shape of the cake mold. But who cares about Geometry… What’s that?

Yes, we are able to add images or messages to your dream cake… All images/messages are printed on rice paper, using edible ink, making them perfect for your consumption. If you want to go for the message option you would select a beautifully designed border from one of our unique pre-designed ones and give us the message, we then put it all together for you. If you want to send us an image, that’s perfectly fine too, you send that through to us via email and we add it on top of your cake. All ice-cream cakes with images/pictures on top are set using whipped-cream..just because we can..but also because it works well. If you’re looking for coloured icing on your cake we can dye the whipped cream a colour of your choice.

Needless to say our endless list of decadent customized toppings are at your disposal. This is your chance to be Paul for the day. Create the cake of your dreams. Ice-cream has no limits and we refuse to conform to the banal regulations of society. We’ll do what we want. And so can you. Good-luck. You’ll need it.

Please note we cannot write on the cake using icing, all messages need to be printed using rice paper as per below.

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Rice paper print examples: