Madiba Magic

Madiba Magic

July flavour of the month is all about that Madiba Magic

Inspired by Mandela and the true taste of a rainbow nation the team debated what a true South African flavoured ice cream should be. There was talk about Malva pudding, Cape Strawberries and even Peppermint Crisp Tart Pudding.

In the end the consensus was there’s nothing like Rooibos tea and our traditional Koeksister that makes you feel like you’re home. And that’s what we wanted to celebrate this month – the people, Mandela and every taste that makes you think of South African culture.

Madiba Magic is the fusing of Rooibos honey & vanilla with chunks of glazed koeksisters, a treat for locals and something new for everyone else.

As per usual our flavour of the month, Madiba Magic, is available from all our stockists, our PHIC store and is the main feature of our #SundaesOnSunday.