My PHINAL entry

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With a New Year making it’s way in, I have been giving some thought to my rightful place in this world.

The truth is, I have done all that I was destined to do for the PHIC PHAM. These days, I find that they are moving on to bigger and better things. I’m not saying they have out grown me, but they have outgrown me.

I have sat silently on the PHIC phactory wall and watched some pretty spectacular things unravel this year. When 2015 came in, the PHIC team planned to become the best possible version of them selves. Have they done that? Well… its funny how these things work – every time we, as people (and as flies), set goals for ourselves, it is always some what of an anti climax to reach them. The PHIC team is without doubt, moving forward at all times, even when they think they have reached the finish line. From HQ to kitchen staff, PHIC is always innovating and pushing the boundaries. Even though I was like “STAAAAP STAAAAP SLOW DOWN”, no one wanted to listen. (That may be because to them it was just like BZZZZ BZZZZZZ BZZ BZZ). *Sigh.

Here are some of the things that these kids made happen this year:

PHIC latched on for the big 27 boxes Melville ride, and they are having a total BLAST. But as far as new retail space is concerned, the team is most proud of their brand new store @TheZone in Rosebank which will officially open in January.

This year was also the year that the team really gave meaning to their bakkie slogan ‘PHIC ON A ROLL’. Thousands of ice cream boxes were shipped down to Cape Town and Durban for #UberIceCream as well as various other events including the VW launch that took place in both Ballito and Franschoek.

We have learned dat dem Joburger’s sure do lurv dem some PHIC – any where and in any form. Ice Cream cakes have been a total HIT this year, and we have spread through the city in over 50 different freezers. Thanks to our beautifully crafted PHICYCLE and Dispenser, we were able to bring Paul’s homemade Ice Cream into peoples homes and offices for all kinds of events.

Needless to say, my role in all of this has been essential. Although I’m rather quiet, and a little too OCD for a fly, I am a good omen. One day the team will come to love, appreciate and award me for it (just as soon as they realize my existence).

Although I’m moving on and up, I still am, and will always be the best darn PHLY ON A PHIC PHACTORY WALL!!!