Our Ice Cream Tuk Tuk is here!

Our Tuk Tuk is ready to be hired out for events.

xciting news we have officially launched our very own Paul’s Homemade Tuk Tuk, that can be hired out for all different events and functions. This Tuk Tuk is not only exciting, different and interactive to have at your event, but it also allows us to easily bring our scooping freezers straight to you.

If you are interested in hiring out the Tuk Tuk for your next event, please e-mail us by sending through your query to sales@paulshomemade.com .

*Please note if you are wanting the Tuk Tuk at your event, a staff member from Paul’s Homemade will deliver the Tuk Tuk to the location and the Tuk Tuk may only be operated by one our own employees. We do not allow other companies or customers to rent out or use our Tuk Tuk for personal use. A  fully-trained, Paul’s Homemade Scooper and Driver will be provided to assist and work at the event.