Phly On A PHIC Phactory Wall – Happy Days

Phly On A PHIC Phactory Wall – Happy Days

I can’t even remember if my signature sound is Bzzz or Brrr. It’s Cold as Phuck! But that hasn’t stopped the PHIC team from opening up their first retail store in the 27 Boxes mall in Melville (which is launching on the 1st of July).

Yup… despite the weather, things here are crazzzzy. It seems like the theme of the month is out with the old and in with the new. Website? Redone. Office space? Redone. Rude and improved campaigns? Happening. The PHIC pham is moving and a shakin’ and a shiverin’ to the sound of that ice cream churner, and no body can stop them. NOT EVEN THE CUP CAKE CRAZE. Which is over… but that’s none of my business. *Sips tea.

You know what else those mini cakes can shove up their cups? Eat Out’s latest publication on South Africa’s banting ice cream. Coz we’re in it. AND our main man Pauly B was featured in Destiny Magazine this month. Cashwalll.

I love PHIC.

I wish the people here knew I existed.

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