Phly on a PHIC phactory wall – New surroundings

Phly on a PHIC phactory wall – New surroundings

I have finally found a place where I belong. Things are clean, it smells sweet, and there are no other insects here to bug me.

What is it about insects and poo? Why would a fly choose poo over ice cream? I hate my friendzz.

The guyz in here are much cooler. They have regulated to the temperature. Especially Paul. He spends A LOT of time in the phactory. Supposedly he is working on some secret sorbet surprise.

Fruits?… everywhere.

Fruit flies?… everywhere outside and trying to get in.

I told them 27 times to go away, had 27 temper tantrums when they didn’t listen, and then latched onto Paul’s jacket and went with him to visit the container store at 27 boxes. In Melville. I had some good times there back in the late 90’s with this black widow named Iggy. She was high maintenance – spoke way too fast.

Anyways, I guess the placing is getting a revamp, and PHIC is going to be there.

27 Boxes


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