Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

It’s Halloween season and time you got your Trick or Treat on

You can’t compare sweets to ice-cream because ice-cream always wins. This October we’ve decided to bring you that Pumpkin Spiced decadence.

Paul wanted to make a flavour that tasted like you just went on your own Trick or Treat mission (even if you our eat ice-cream from the comfort of your bed). Inspired by all things spooky he made the flavour of the month by infusing roasted pumpkin into the our special handmade base. He then added the pecan brittle and caramel swirls to create the first test batch, which was demolished by the PHIC HQ team..obviously.

And so October’s flavour was born into our 125ml and 500ml boxes.


  • Available at our stockists across Joburg as well as both our stores (scooped and take-away options – 125ml & 500ml)
  • Turn this flavour into an ice-cream cake
  • Only valid for October
  • Made into a special #SundaesOnSunday at our Rosebank, The Zone store