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There was a time when no super premium ice-cream was produced in Johannesburg. Now, there’s Paul’s Homemade. Every flavour is made in small batches with fresh milk, full cream, eggs and sugar, high-quality ingredients and a total absence of synthetic additives and chemicals. This is what ice-cream is supposed to taste like.

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No one ever had to be persuaded to finish OUR ICE-CREAM
Cream, milk, sugar (or Xylitol) and egg yolk. That’s our custard and the base for each one of our dozens of flavours. From vegan to kosher, fruity to decadent, we’ve got the ice-cream landscape licked.

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New Chapter Retail Academy


The Revolution



Join us in changing the face of food retail in South Africa.

Why choose NCRA?

If you are highly ambitious, exceptionally charming, and very smart… we want you on our team, and we want to give the opportunity to run a business. We want to see graduates of this course become partners in any and all of the business linked to the Academy. We believe that the brands managed alongside this academy have a promising future for growth within South Africa and the world. If you are the best that there is, we will scoop you up and secure you a long term job within our company.

If after having trained and worked with us, you see yourself thriving in other spaces, we wish you the best of luck! We will assist you in this process entirely. We want to see you become business owners and high-class managers who carry the torch of a high standard retail performance throughout the country.

What You’ll Learn

Operations and Logistics Management

Finance and Food Costing

Human Resources and Staff Management

Marketing and Customer Service

Life Skills

How it works

 R10 800

3 Months

 Submission essay – 3 pages, school results, personality assessments

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