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How many people does one cake serve?

A standard small cake feeds 8 - 10 people and a large cake feeds 15 - 20 people. This is based on 125 ml serving sizes - the equivalent to our generous scooping size you would find in store. Some of our more unique cakes have varying serving sizes that can be found under the product description.

How do I serve my cake?

Scooped or sliced. We recommend taking the cake out the freezer and placing it in a cool, dry area for 10 minutes to soften. However, ambient temperatures vary, so please use your own discretion.

Are cakes suitable for people with nut allergies?

Our ice cream cakes are made in a kitchen containing nuts and/or traces of nuts. We cannot guarantee that products do not contain traces of nuts. However, we do have many ‘nut free’ options. Please see the product allergens tab for more information.

How long will my cake last in the freezer after collection?

The actual ice-cream part of the cake will last 2 weeks however, the toppings we use don’t have the same longevity. We recommend consumption of the cake within 3 days.

Dry Ice & Poly box
What is dry ice?

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. It’s used to package items (like yummy ice cream cakes) that need to stay cold or frozen during transportation.

How long does dry ice last for?

Dry ice will keep ice-cream frozen for approximately 7 hours from 1pm on the date of collection. Dry ice works best when kept in a sealed, compact environment. As soon as the package is opened, and dry ice is exposed to outside temperature, it evaporates at a much quicker rate.


We do not recommend relying on dry ice to keep cakes frozen overnight.

Can I keep dry ice in my home freezer?

We do not recommend keeping dry ice in your home freezer. Dry ice requires a temperature of -60°C in order to keep from evaporating, while home freezers only reach a temperature of -23°C.

Why do I need a polystyrene box?

The dry ice is placed in a polystyrene box. The density of the polystyrene box ensures the cold air stays contained within the box, and acts as a cooler box for the cake to stay frozen. 


Dry ice can burn. Therefore, dry ice and a polystyrene box are always sold as one item to prevent harm.

After I purchase my cake online, how do I receive the order?

You have a choice of collecting from your nearest PHIC store or arranging delivery. Delivery is only available within a 25km radius from 5 17th street Orange Grove, JHB.

Will I be charged a delivery fee?

Yes, the standard delivery costs are calculated per km. The further you are situated the higher the charge.

Can I order my cake online, and then pay in store?

Unfortunately not. All orders require payment in advance because all cakes are made to order.

What online payment methods do you offer?

You can pay for your order using your visa or mastercard credit/debit card.